Nicolas Batum

Displayed here are a compilation of various social media banners created for Nicolas Batum (NBA Charlotte Hornets), as part of his personal branding and visual communication. Each design is specific to a particular event, campaign, or individual accolade, and helps increase his online visibility.

Urban Street Geeks

Urban Street Geeks is a lifestyle, streetwear, and apparels brand for geek enthusiasts around the world. The job required the creation of a complete visual identity that consisted of collateral including a new logo, an e-commerce online shop, promo video, and banner ads. personal project Male Avatar Logo Female Avatar Logo THANKS FOR VIEWING

True Workout

True Workout is a basketball skills development camp focused on helping players improve their level of play during the off-season. I was given the task of producing a simple logo, and flyer to promote the camp on social media. The logo design is a silhouette combined with an athletic font encompassed by a rounded triangle.

Les chercheurs d’or

Mamedy Doucara is a French portrait photographer, and former World Taekwondo Champion. For this project, he selected 64 of the top French athletes participating in the 2012 London Olympic Games, who were to be featured in his exposition “Les chercheurs d’Or.” During an intensive two months span we worked diligently to deliver print collateral for…